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Welcome to Kanobi® Graphic Art.


In addition, “I can create your graphics creative: special, unique, unique to your or user’s wishes and needs, so that your message is send in the best possible way.”


Read more on Creative Graphics.


I got two websites myself.


Kanobi® Graphic Art is my website in english as you see it above, where you can see much more of my graphics.

Here you find my work taking photos, digitizing and creating creative for other purposes than websites.

The website includes many photos so it takes a bit time to surf.

First there is the frontpage including links to menu pages. Then there is a page Info about me and my work.

Many of my photos are shown on the pages including photos from UK and DK.

Then you find thoughts about digitization, what Digital Art is and where I think you find it.

On subpages to Digital Art you find my creative graphics done in my perspective of Digital Art.

The different creative is mainly done out of photos, where I discovered more in the taken photos afterwards.

So the creative is a new perspective on the photo and afterwards constructed and digitized creative;)

Last you find terms for sale of my creative graphics.


My other website in danish Birgitte Volkert Kanobi®, as you look up right now.

Birgitte Volkert Kanobi® https://www.birgittevolkert.dk xii


Here you find info about creating and editing of existing graphics, where I can offer you to create all your graphics creatively.


Have a nice day out there.


Best regards,

Birgitte Volkert