Creative Kanobi® Jewelry 2022


Kanobi® Jewelry



Creative Kanobi® Jewelry 2022

They are inspired by shapes, forms, combinations, nature, cultures, colors and light reflections, where I am especially inspired by artwork from Italy.

I create Creative Kanobi® Jewelry by Birgitte Volkert in nature materials using Murano glass beads also with silver or gold foil produced at Murano Italy, nature stone beads, freshwater pearls as well as metal silver or gold plated beads just for fun, because I get inspired and creative looking al the beautiful glass beads up;)

They are not produced in other countries such as India or the Czech Republic nor China using glass from Murano. They are produced in Murano. Otherwice I will write that I do not exactly now where the glass beads are produced;)



I simply best like glassart from Murano, because glassmakers from here have a long tradition to make glassart best come through and the light reflections and colors of the glass are outstanding.

I have travelled to Italy twice. Both times also to Venice, a wonderful place including water, reflections of lights, lots of art, culture and history, wonderful monuments and artists working in the streets or visiting during time;) Unfortunately I did not visit Murano, so I have to do that;)

I get inspired by artwork from Italy by Raphaello, Michelangelo, etc. and Aldo Londi designing the most wonderful ceramics both working for Fanciulacci and later as artdirector for Bitossi and also Murano glass art makers.

My favorite “water earrings” with Murano glass beads from Venice I bought about twenty Years ago and found the producers of Murano glass beads at Murano lately on the Enternet to be able to buy more;)

Below you first find my favorite earrings with Murano glassbeads. Then there is a Vintage Murano necklace in copper chain to match my earrings very well;) Then there are my own created necklaces with real Murano glass beads using vintage chains to make to own produces well suted necklaces for my favorite Murano earrings that I also redesigned with a natural stone on top of the wonderful Murano square glass beads in Aqua blue silver foil design;)



My inspiration to do jewelry of nature produced materials comes from childhood producing in sparetime and later teaching creating selfmade jewelry together with children on different schools in Odense using nature materials.


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