The name Kanobi®


Navnet The name Kanobi®.


The name Kanobi®

The name Kanobi® includes my engagement and is created as I was on tour. First in canoe and then kayak. My email show both.

Photos DK



Birgitte Volkert Kanobi® Graphic Art.

Banebrydende, Visuel, Kreativ, Aktiv,

Nytænkende  Og med Brandgode Ideer.


It cannot be translated directly and if you use google translate on the text above it makes no sence.


But I says something alike:

B as groundbreaking, Visual, K as Creative, Active, N as innovative, O as and, Brand good Ideas;)


The name is not thought to be close to StarWars and Kenobi but maby inspired hereby, because it represent wise and good human actions.


Strip of pictures Kanobi® Graphic Art i


I own the rights for the name Kanobi and it is therefore written Kanobi®.

Birgitte Volkert Kanobi®

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