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Welcome to my website Birgitte Volkert Kanobi®.


I have two websites.


Birgitte Volkert Kanobi® – Salg af kreativ grafik you are looking at right now.

Here I have created everything for my WordPress website. “Eight pages website” both in danish and english. There are a bit more pages now.

Birgitte Volkert Kanobi® https://www.birgittevolkert.dk


Then you find my creative website Kanobi® Graphic Art in english done in WIX. It includes many of my photos and pictures. Click on the name or picture below to follow link.


I have subpages to About and you can click the picture you want to read about in the gallery below.

The name 


Personal resources


Personal data & cookies policy Kanobi®

Folder English Kanobi®

Sound by JayJen mixed by Kanobi®


Best regards,

Birgitte Volkert

Birgitte Volkert Kanobi® https://www.birgittevolkert.dk

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